52-Week Kids Church Curriculum Bundle

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This 52-week bundle is the easiest way to teach God's word to kids, all year long.

You get everything, ready-to-teach for big impact. Biblically-solid curriculum for all ages and any class size. No limits, no restrictions.

Buy today and get instant access to download all 12 modules. That's 52 weeks of preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary lessons for your kids church.

  1. Clean Slate: Forgiving Others
  2. Created by God
  3. Christmas: The Gift That Keeps Giving
  4. Follow the Leader
  5. Happy Easter!
  6. I AM: Who Is Jesus?
  7. I Saw Jesus: People Jesus Met
  8. Holy Wow: Miracles of Jesus
  9. Parables: Important Stories Jesus Told
  10. Just Say No: Resisting Temptation
  11. Sibling Rivalry: Jacob & Esau
  12. Super Faith: Abraham Trusts God