Happy Easter!

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Don't just tell kids about the resurrection, invite them to experience Jesus with this brand new interactive Bible experience.

Watch young eyes catch fire as kids connect-the-dots for the first time. Preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary classes get their own, age-appropriate materials and lesson plan. Plus, share one of the 4 popular animated bible lessons to drive the message home each week.

It all begins Palm Sunday and continues through the Easter season. With this pack, your Easter Sunday will shine! And, you'll give kids a reason to come back after Easter and hear the rest of the story. 

You'll get 4 interactive Bible lessons for all ages:

  1. A Joyful Celebration [Mark 11:1-11]
  2. I've Just Seen Jesus [John 20:1-18]
  3. Seeing is Believing [John 20:19-31]
  4. Jesus Appears to the Disciples [Luke 24:36-48]

Download today and get everything you need for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and the weeks following.

Kids love it because everything is truly interactive. Each lesson is aimed toward multiple learning styles, so you're able to include everyone.

Leaders love it because it's clear, organized and comes with video trainings. There's even a weekly leader devotional, so your team is all on the same page.

Parents love it because they get Bible take-home sheets to easily reinforce each lesson at home.